Minami Minegishi, the Panty Thief?

Show: Music Lovers (April 4, 2011)

During the talk segment of the show, the hosts discuss “forbidden topics” with AKB48 members such as “When it comes to school uniforms, I’m at my limit” or “I have an embarrassing secret I can’t tell people.” Each AKB48 member has a buzzer button and she presses it if she thinks the situation being discussed applies to her. The host then select one of the members to talk in more detail about the topic.

Here is how one of the topic discussed led to discovering another side of Minegishi:

Announcer: Well then, the next question is with respect to other members: “There are members who don’t return things they borrowed.”
*Audience calls out Mayuyu* (She apparently hasn’t returned to Sashihara a Nintendo DS game she borrowed a few years back I think)
Announcer: Switch on!
*Takamina makes a funny face, mashes her button and proceeds to laugh*
*Members are given a couple of seconds to decide if they press their button or not*
Announcer: The result is… six people!
*Takamina raises her hand high up into the air, clearly wanting to share her story*
Takamina: When Miichan stayed over at my place, she wore my panties and went home with them.
*Miichan laughs in embarrassment*
*Audience laughs*
Host 1: Eh? You’re talking about underwear right?
Host 2: Eh? Even among girls, there are underwear thieves?
Takamina: She really is an underwear thief!
Miichan: No, you’re mistaken! I decided to stay over at Takamina’s place, but this wasn’t planned in advance. So I didn’t bring an extra pair of panties with me. That’s why I asked her to lend me a pair and put those on.
Takamina: *interrupts Miichan’s explanation* If it was only lending panties, then that would be fine. It’s just that when we were changing into our outfits one day, she was wearing panties I’d seen before! When I said “Our panties match!”, she answered “Eh? These are yours, Takamina…”
*Audience laughs*
Miichan: No, no! I was wondering if I should return panties that I was already wearing. So I was thinking that for her birthday, I could buy her new panties as a thank you gift for everything she’d done for me until now.
Takamina:  About that, if only I had actually received them from Minegishi… It was actually her mother who gave me panties! Panties as an apology!
Host 1: Kind of like “Sorry about my daughter always taking your panties”?

Host 2: Minegishi-san, aren’t you reluctant to wearing borrowed panties?
Miichan: Not really…
Host 2: Not really?!
Acchan: Eww…
Miichan: You know, she wears unexpectedly cute panties!
*Other AKB48 members and audience explode into laughter*
Host 2: You’re like an old geezer!
Miichan: Her panties were… pink!
*Takamina is embarrassed and laughs*
Host 2: Takamina’s panties are pink…
Host 1: Takamina’s panties are pink!!
Since both Takamina and Miichan are part of no3b, are both 1st generation members and were former Team A teammates, they get along well. But who knew that their friendliness went as far as lending panties to each other (ノ´∀`*) . And it’s not really surprising that Takamina’s panties are pink since despite her tomboyish character, she loves girly pink things.

Segment starts @4:45 in the video below.