Asuka Kuramochi’s Boyfriend?

A quick look at this photograph and the first thing you notice is that Mocchi has her hand in the pocket of the guy on her left, looking pretty cozy. Maybe more than just friends?  Is Mocchi breaking AKB48’s iron rule?

Turns out that she’s not and the “guy” on the left is actually just Sae Miyazawa :P. Picture was taken while AKB48 members were in Washington DC for a concert in March 2012. This particular picture was taken while they were sightseeing.

 It’s no wonder that the photoshopped picture is in black and white since Sae’s clothing choice is really, really flashy. Her fashion choice is… questionable to say the least.

If AKB48 members can’t have boyfriends, then the second best choice would just be to date Sae. Here’s a picture of her and Yuko Oshima taken after the recording of an AKBINGO episode where she cross-dressed to the delight of her fellow members. カッコい!