Mayor Sings AKB48 Songs at Coming of Age Day in Japan

In Japan, Coming of Age Day is celebrated each year on the second Monday of January. Japanese people are legally considered adults at the age of 20. So to celebrate their becoming an adult, all Japanese who have turned 20 in the past year are invited to an official ceremony held in their city. For this occasion, women usually dress up in flashy kimonos with long sleeves called furisode (see picture) and men wear either suits or the traditional Japanese hakama.

In the city of Aso in Kumamoto prefecture (Kyushu region), the mayor Yoshioki Sato gave a rousing performance to pep up the new adults. He sang AKB48’s “Flying Get” this year (2012) and “Heavy Rotation” last year (2011). That is so full of awsm that I’d gladly vote for him just because of this (^o^)丿

Posted below are his performances and I’ve put the original Flying Get as a comparison. The singing is not great (as you can hear), but it’s his intention and willingness to do such an embarrassing act that is surprising. Props to him! I wonder what he’ll sing next year (`ω´)グフフ

Flying Get

Heavy Rotation (Singing starts at 0:47 in the clip)

The “real” Flying Get


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