Sashihara Fangirling Over Morning Musume

Show: Waratte Iitomo! (February 15, 2012)

Sasshi has mentioned on various TV shows that she’s an idol wota. On AKBINGO, she did otagei dance a couple of times and on Nemousu TV Season 3, she gave a lecture to a university class about idols and taught them otagei. Seeing her actually meet her idols is a whole another story. Even though she’s an idol herself, she goes into complete fangirl mode when she meets the Dream Morning Musume unit on Waratte Iitomo!, a show she regularly appears on.

I don’t know much about Dream Morning Musume except that it’s a unit formed in 2010 that is composed of ex-Morning Musume members. The host of the show interviews them for about 10 minutes and then changes topic to mention that Sasshi is a huge groupie of theirs. At this point, Sasshi hasn’t appeared on camera yet. Here is how Sasshi goes ballistic when she gets the chance to meet her idols.

Host: You know… Earlier, Sashihara was fangirling over all of you. She’s been your groupie for the longest time.
Morning Musume member: Ehhh? That makes me happy.
*At this moment, Sashihara timidly pops out from behind the board, clinging to the edge. She looks awestruck at the sight of the Morning Musume girls. Her eyes dart left and right and she can’t make eye contact with them.*

Host: Sashihara, why don’t you come over here?
Sasshi: Ehhh?! *Takes a step forward* No, I’m fine… *hides behind the board again, shaking her head* I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine…
Host: You’ve always admired them and been a groupie, right?
Sasshi: Yeeeees… *her voice trails off as she answers.*
Host: You also went to their handshake events?
*Sasshi finally moves away from the board and steps out, tightly clasping her hands together.*
Sasshi: I went to Nakazawa-san and Yasuda-san’s handshake event.
Nakazawa Yuko: EEHHH?! *Stands up looking surprised*
Morning Musume member: Both of you?
Nakazawa Yuko: A handshake event with me and Kei-chan is really rare! *laughs*
Morning Musume member: Where did this happen?
Yasuda Kei: Thank you very much.
Sasshi: I also went to many your concerts… HHHNNNNGGGH! *covers her face with her hands* Waaahhh!! *looks away from the idols*
*Morning Musume members laugh*
Host: You went to their concerts? From when you were still in Oita?
Sasshi: I traveled from Oita to Fukuoka for the concerts…
Host: So you went to Fukuoka? Where did you go for the handshake events?

Sasshi: Fukuoka… *while answering, she covers her mouth with her hands and her voice trails off yet again. She really looks awestruck here.*  What should I do…
*Morning Musume members laugh*
Sasshi*gasps* AAAAAAHHHHHH… *covers her mouth*
Host: [Asks a question that Sasshi totally ignores]
Sasshi: They’re really moving!
*Audience and Morning Musume members laugh*
Morning Musume member: We can move! We’re people too! We can properly move!

After a commercial break, this is what happens when the show resumes.

Host: Since you’re already here, you can shake hands with everyone.
Sasshi: EH?! CAN I REALLY?! *wide smile*
*Sasshi proceeds with shaking each member’s hand, saying thank you every time. Her voice is much higher pitch than usual here.*
Sasshi: WHAT SHOULD I DO?! *puts both of her hands on her cheeks*
Host: It looks like you’re about to retire tomorrow or something!
*Audience laughs*
Sasshi: Oh my god… Really… This is too much! I’m sorry!
Host: Well then Sashihara, can you go on standby? We still have a show to run here.
Sasshi: I’ll be leaving then. Excuse me. Thank you very much. *heads towards the board from where she first appeared* Please do your best! Sorry to have intruded. *goes off stage*
[Host returns to interviewing Morning Musume group]
Sasshi: *from backstage* WHAT SHOULD I DO?! THIS IS AWESOME!
Morning Musume: Wow, I can hear a voice from back there!