Yuko Oshima’s (Bitter) Valentine’s Day Memory

On the music show “Countdown TV” that aired on February 11, 2012, Yuko Oshima and Tomomi Itano had a small talk segment where Yuko talked about her Valentine Day’s memories. She mentioned that most of the ones that she could think about were shocking events.

One of these shocking events occurred when she was in middle school. She had a boyfriend at the time so for Valentine’s Day, she made him some chocolate. However, they both went to different schools so it was hard for them to see each other. Even though she made chocolate and wanted to give them, she wasn’t able to. A whole month after Valentine’s Day, Yuko still hadn’t given her boyfriend the chocolate! By that time, it had spoiled.

Being unable to meet face to face, they used to communicate through e-mail. During one of those exchanges, Yuko told her boyfriend that the Valentine’s Day chocolate had gone bad. He answered by saying “That’s no good,” and decided to break up with her at the same time.  With her usual humor, Yuko summarizes the situation by saying “So the chocolate and myself were both thrown into the trash together!”

Kind of funny how Yuko has no good memories of Valentine’s Day. That guy must be kicking himself today for having dumped Yuko!

Yuko Flipping the Bird

Something I noticed during the talk segment was that Yuko inadvertently gave the middle finger to the camera while telling her story ( ゚д゚ ). When she was saying that her Valentine’s Day memories were bad ones, she used her fingers to count the number of memories she could recall. She then goes to say “The one I’ve decided to talk about…” and at that moment, raises her middle finger. It was totally unintentional, but I found it amusing 🙂